The Alien Cult is a really mysterious project and has a unique story line on its website, and a timer which runs down to 21st Dec 2026. If we go by the story line, it is claimed to be built by real aliens who came to earth in 1980 and were abducted by humans. The story now seeks to recruit humans into their so called “Cult”, and the members in the same will be safe from or participate in whatever is going to happen when the timer runs out.

What will happen when the timer runs out? – We definitely don’t know for sure. But the story says that friends of the abducted aliens will come to attack the earth, and take over. Yup!

One of the main attractions of the story is their NFT collection, which is given to members who rank within the Alien cult at Level 3, 4 or 5. The NFT collection looks to be professionally designed and has a unique sense of character to it.

The project, though only 45 days old as of today, already has a very strong community. One of the community members went as far as getting a tattoo of their NFT on their arm!

Another unique thing about the project is how it is tied to real life facts.

Disclaimer: This story is taken from the website. Techbullion in no way endorses this story. It is just stating the story and the facts tied to it.

The storyline begins by describing how they are from a planet called Sa-Om. They came to earth on 1st Jan 1980 and happened to land on a place called Azores. And if one googles the date and place, they’ll find that there is indeed an island in Portugal with this name, and there was an earthquake on this island on the said date. Weird huh? Wait till you read more…

Then it describes that they were sold by the country they landed on, that is Portugal – to another country where they are being held in. In return, Portugal got a lot of money and aid from the country that bought them. Now here is something interesting, if one Googles the GDP of Portugal in all the years starting 1975 to 1985, they will find that there is only one year where the growth was parabolic. In other years, it was very little– or in fact declining. And guess which year the growth was Parabolic? Yup, 1980!

It then introduces someone called Bob Lazar. And a quick search of this name will tell who he is and what had he claimed back then. In fact, the timeline of when Bob Lazar came out in open and what is mentioned in the story of The Alien Cult matches exactly! Also the number of spacecraft mentioned in the story and in Bob’s interview are the same, which makes one think if the story is really a work of fiction crafted to fit these events – or they are indeed Aliens.

They then claim their friends came looking for them in about 363 days from when they were caught. That comes to about 29th Dec 1980. When one reads this paragraph of the story and Google for “Cash–Landrum incident” incident – it only adds to the fuel.

The project is unique and has a story line to support the NFTs. Many might be eager to see what will actually happen when the timer runs out!

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Leonard Gibbs
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