Hiveon Brings Ultimate Mining Experience to Mining Disrupt 2023 as an Elite Sponsor

Miami, FL, July 20, 2023 – Hiveon, the all-encompassing cryptocurrency mining ecosystem, has announced its elite sponsorship at Mining Disrupt 2023, the world’s premier event for blockchain and cryptocurrency mining innovation. The event, which runs from July 25th to July 27th in Miami, Florida, brings together key influencers, tech enthusiasts, and pioneers in the cryptocurrency mining sphere.

Hiveon, known for its feature-rich mining platform, allows users to set up, mine, and control processes more effectively, maintaining optimal efficiency across thousands of rigs from a single location. Hiveon’s ecosystem extends from its revolutionary operating system, Hiveon OS, to its profitable mining pool for ETC and RVN mining, all the way to the ASIC Hub that connects thousands of devices in a matter of minutes.

Hiveon’s standout features are designed to make mining operations hassle-free, offering easy setup, real-time monitoring, efficient farm control, and an array of other features, which provide miners with an invaluable tool for maximizing profits and efficiency.

With Hiveon OS, miners can manage rigs individually, switching between pools, wallets, and coins as required. The OS can be installed in a flash and offers a wide range of GPU settings to optimize performance. Remote updates are also supported. This, along with real-time monitoring and notifications via Telegram or Discord, gives users unprecedented control over their mining operations.

Another unique feature is the ASIC Hub, which facilitates the rapid connection of devices and the deployment of the Hiveon OS. It also offers protection and acceleration via the ASIC Firmware, enhancing the hashrate from devices and protecting them against viruses.

The Hiveon Pool, another key feature, delivers high-performance mining with secure worldwide servers and a PPS+ reward type, making it a popular choice for miners of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ravencoin (RVV).

Hiveon’s commitment to continual innovation is evident in its ongoing development of new features, driven by the needs of the mining community. These updates maintain the platform’s relevance and utility for miners, regardless of their system’s configuration or scale.

At the Mining Disrupt 2023, Hiveon is set to showcase how its ecosystem effortlessly and securely manages, monitors, and optimizes the performance and revenue of cryptocurrency miners. With over 2 million workers, 600,000 active users on their mobile app, and 300,000 Telegram subscribers, Hiveon has made a substantial impact in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

For more information about Hiveon and its participation in Mining Disrupt 2023, please visit its website. 

About Hiveon:

Hiveon is a comprehensive mining ecosystem that provides a streamlined, efficient, and secure mining experience. With its advanced mining software, Hiveon offers miners the ability to easily manage and monitor their operations, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.

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