EHP Technology Is Scientifically Proven By Globally Renowned Institutions

Every new technological development or creation can only gain mainstream traction if it has been verified by relevant authorities to do what it claims to do. The same principle applies to EHP Technology, and not only did EHP claim to solve the global energy shortage, and it has been scientifically verified to do that. EHP has attracted international attention as an energy solution powered by revolutionary green technology, and the science world is included.

Responding to journalists during a media briefing, Anil Cil, the CEO of EHP technology, revealed that the relevant scientific bodies have certified the technology. During his speech, Mr. Anil also said that there are over 20 publications by EHP in the world’s most renowned scientific journals.

Notable Institutions that Certified EHP

Notable and globally respected institutions have analyzed and verified the authenticity of EHP’s technology. In a special edition of Energies Magazine, a frontrunner in the energy sector, it publicly announced that EHP Technology is built for the future. The technology currently owns 3 patents, and there are 27 still in the application process. EHP also held 14 design registries, with more than 2 in the application process.

In 2014, EHP Technology started its test phase in accredited universities such as HLK Stuttgart University, Intertek University, and Esim University. The company also carried out more tests at Gazi University in 2015. In 2017, EHP carried out additional tests in more accredited laboratories like METU, Baskent University, and TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

The EHP Technology Solutions

EHP is a green technology-powered energy solution created to proffer lasting solutions to the 21st-century global energy shortage and high cost. The technology was built to help you heat up or cool down your home or office spaces efficiently while utilizing green energy sources. EHP can reach an energy efficiency of up to 10o percent and is hugely affordable, unlike most products in the energy market. EHP solutions cover 5 broad areas: heating and cooling systems, recapturing waste heat, energy decarbonization, energy-saving systems, and greenhouse heating systems.

Since EHP can be integrated with devices across multiple industries like manufacturing, aviation, energy, steel, etc., it helps reduce the carbon footprint in those industries. It brings us closer to a world of net zero carbon emissions. Aside from its energy and climate change solutions, EHP has provided a robust investment opportunity for people to invest in green energy projects, the possible huge returns on investment. Imagine having access to genuine investment opportunities for the planet’s future without worrying about geographical limitations. That is what EHP Technology offers to its community.


Our rising 21st-century energy needs have necessitated a revolutionary green technology to power us into the future. EHP Technology has answered the call to help protect the planet while ensuring our energy needs are healthily and cost-effectively met. You can read about EHP on the company’s webpage for more information.

Leonard Gibbs
Leonard Gibbs
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EHP Technology Is Scientifically Proven By Globally Renowned Institutions

Every new technological development or creation can only gain mainstream traction if it has been verified by relevant authorities to do what it claims...

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