Coinsbit and TCN Announce Their New Partnership to List TCN Tokens.

Tech Token Network is ready to list TCN tokens on Coinsbit exchange.TCN traders can trade tokens with Bitcoin BTC, Tron TRX and Tether USDT trading pairs.Watch closely for the next exchange joining the partnership to be disclosed soon.Tech Token is a crypto token abbreviated with the symbol TCN. Currently, a total supply of around 270 million tokens is in supply, out of that worth 229 million or 85% of supplies are readily available.TCN works on TRC20 TronScan blockchain looking forward to inheriting the decentralized finance protocol. Right now, the token is available on Just swap, as announced TCN will also be listed on Coinsbit exchange.TCN Announces New Partnership with CoinsbitTech token network team stated that they are looking for a crypto exchange so that they will interact with more active users, have more transparency, and overall improvement in security. The team is looking for an exchange platform with automatic procedures that has very little to no transaction fee.Manual project checking, compensation, basic connections, and liquidity assurance is the primary requirement to grab the exchange portal for listing its native token. The company plans on building and strengthening relationships with crypto exchanges to advance token listing for TCN tokens and assiduity for blockchain projects.This is where Coinsbit comes into the picture. This exchange platform is worth its reputation in the crypto market. TCN traders will be able to trade BTC, TRX and USDT trading pairs with TCN tokens.Why Coinsbit?Coinsbit will be listing TCN tokens on their platform with authentication providing best security, reliability, and ease of transactions with basic trading pairs. This will make it easier to get accessed to TCN tokens as well as make it more secure.Coinsbit is one of the more popular exchange platforms where hundreds of crypto tokens are available. This partnership will not only strengthen the trust between TCN and Coinsbit but also improve the safety of TCN.As of now, TCN has a market value of 0.01 $. Coinsbit usually charges a small minimal fee for the transaction. They charge about 0.2% as a trading fee. However, depending on the partnership, the transaction may be free of cost.Latest Coinsbit News and ReleasesCoinsbit has listed several new tokens and coins on their platform last week and more is to come in the coming week. In the past 24 hours, Coinsbit has listed 6 new tokens on their website.Not only that Coinsbit is also currently hosting a trading competition with NIA token which will go on till 31st May 2021. TCN chose this specific platform observing the growth and exploratory aspects to become a successful patent platform.Follow our official portal and social media handles to keep an eye out for more events and eye-catching deals on the super listing program.TCN partnership with Coinsbit will be a cornerstone for the token. This partnership will allow TCN to be more easily accessible. Trading and exchange of TCN will also be more readily available through Coinsbit. Not only that the listing of TCN token on Coinsbit will hopefully increase the visibility and popularity of TCN token.What is our Next Step?With this TCN’s plan on getting the token listed on other 8 exchange trading platforms comes down to 6. TCN team officially released a declaration to list its native token on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. They are following their white paper and roadmap to get things sorted and feasible.With this partnership with Coinsbit, the process is slowly making advances. We hope to see more partnerships in the coming few weeks as we are in talks with some of the other platforms too. The platform we are looking for should provide certain services such as margin trading as well as landing.Moreover, the platform must be popular enough to offer higher liquidity and at the same time permit you to make conversion easy. One vital key aspect we consider while looking for the right exchange is safety and security.We hope you like the read! What are your thoughts on the Coinsbit exchange platform? Which is your reliable exchange and trading pairs you bet on? Let us know in the comment section below.Join our social media platforms and stay updated with latest news and announcements- Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and TechToken Network.