Correct Ecological Solution: SeekTiger Powers STI in Multiple Ways to Continuously Deflate STI

In addition to the recent Matcha launch, STI prices have skyrocketed, benefiting most early investors and buyers in the secondary market. STI also has other advantages. Due to the setting of the STI mechanism, STI with continuous deflation will only become more and more rare. In addition to SeekTiger’s multiple empowerments to STI, holders only need to quietly hold STI until the ecological layout of SeekTiger is completed in the future and enjoy the victory.

Investors and the community are reassured that SeekTiger has a strong background. Investment from dozens of institutions, both domestic and foreign, speaks volumes about the market’s confidence in SeekTiger, as does the community buzz it has generated.

Introduction on SeekTiger

SeekTiger is a Web3-based DAO ecosystem service platform. Its ecological applications include TIGER VC platform, GameFi aggregation platform, NFT trading platform and DEX platform, so all platforms are governed by DAO. SeekTiger’s innovative mysterious box is a combination of digital Tiger NFT and DAO that will present users with an interesting metaverse ecosystem of DAO+NFT+GAMEFI+DEFI

SeekTiger is also a decentralized game aggregator dedicated to creating a GameFi game aggregator based on WEB 3.0 concepts, smart contract regulation, and DAO voting governance for global users, including decentralized NFT transactions and an integrated metaverse ecosystem across the Tiger CAPITAL chain.

Relying on SEEK TIGER’s vast metaverse ecosystem, SEEK TIGER can generate a strong economic centripetal force to meet the internal demand of the chain and form an internal economic cycle. At the same time to provide developers and game players with an easy to use, simple, fun game aggregation platform.

In addition, SeekTiger pioneered a DAo-style VC model called Tiger DAO VC, which builds on a platform of Tiger DAO and Tiger Capital focused on discovering quality blockchain projects. Any SeekTiger DAO community member will be able to participate in the primary market for high-quality projects. It becomes impossible that investment opportunities are “monopolized” by a handful of people.

The investment fund is mainly settled by platform token STI. In addition to financial support, it will also provide Tiger DAO post-super investment support plan, including strategic consulting, resource cooperation, market growth, capital relations, brand endorsement, etc., to empower the whole ecology of the project. In the future, Tiger DAO VC will establish strategic investment partnerships with more outstanding projects to empower each other and promote the healthy ecological development of the industry.

Tiger DAO VC has an extensive project library, an online roadshow hall and a public review area that allows the vast majority of people to review and check projects.

Tiger DAO VC has a fundraising, investment, management and withdrawal mechanism. That is, at the beginning of the fundraising stage, 10,000 DAO members of Tiger DAO VC can participate in the project review and vote. If the turnout exceeds 60%, the project will be selected and strategic investment cooperation will be achieved. At the same time, a special investment fund was launched for the project. DAO members voluntarily invested in STI to participate in the investment. The platform automatically contracted to lock up positions and unlock corresponding tokens in batches according to the project release mechanism. In case of extreme situations caused by the project party, such as poor performance of project tokens or running away, the DAO members participating in the investment can apply for redemption of the remaining investment principal on the platform and the platform will also suspend the issuance of the remaining investment funds to the project party to further ensure the fund safety of investors.

Therefore, Tiger DAO VC is not only a new paradigm in the VC sector, but also a new trend in the development of the VC field.

Functionality of STI token

SeekTiger ecology uses STI as the governance token. All IGO launched within the ecosystem will use STI token as the main chip, and also the main ticket to enter each game ecosystem. Some mechanism adjustments and issues in the ecosystem will be voted by STI community users. In addition, the player can achieve P2E in the ecology by using STI.

STI will adhere to the extreme deflation mechanism in the ecosystem. Both in-game consumption and game mechanism destruction will become the destruction airport scene of STI and the community will regularly use the profits in the ecosystem to buy back AND destroy STI. Sti will be a mechanically-enabling vehicle within the ecosystem, further squeezing the bubble generated by the game through continuous destruction. STI will gradually deflate from a total of 1 billion to 10 million.

SeekTiger is a DAO platform and 70% of the right to use STI tokens belongs to DAO members. The DAO organization has not been established in the early stage, so it is kept by the operation team and will not be used. In addition, the SeekTiger team does not appropriate any client assets per se, but reserves the functionality for possible future deflationary mechanisms.

A 2D male tiger and a 2D female tiger can be upgraded to a 3D tiger by paying 1000 STI. The 3D tiger can pledge mining and get 30 STIs per day. The mining cycle is 100 days, and the total rate of return is 300%. With the continuous destruction of STI, the actual disk value of STI will be further enhanced, the double rise of gold standard and currency standard will accelerate the user’s income and STI is expected to be further destroyed by 10 million pieces.

Therefore, regardless of the mysterious box, Tiger, medal or STI, they all have their own value logic in ecology and early participation will have more advantages. According to official information, hundreds of thousands of STIs have been destroyed in the process of opening the mysterious box and the number will be accelerated in the future. By the end of this month, the number of destroyed data will reach more than 4 million. At present, there are only just over 1 million STIs circulating in the market and the value is still greater than the price.

Potential Space of STI

What we investors are most concerned about is income. How can a project without interest win the favor of capital institutions? So SeekTiger has enabled STI in many ways,

STI owners can not only participate in the ecological management of SeekTiger, but also enjoy the dividends brought by ecology in the development process. STI is indispensable in ecology. As SeekTiger is gradually known to the world, STI prices will also rise, and investors or players will enjoy huge returns.

In addition, the emergence of Tiger DAO VC will further provide application scenarios for STI and reduce the circulation of STI in the market. In addition, anyone involved in investment needs to hold and use STI as investment chips, which is definitely a powerful factor driving STI prices up.

The best opportunity to invest in SeekTiger

Early investors in any project will enjoy the lion’s share of profit, while later participants will only get a handful of gains. If we get involved in SeekTiger ecology early, big investors can invest and own SeekTiger STI and ecological NFT at the early stage of SeekTiger’s launch. To capture the revenue earned over the course of the game’s launch. When the price of in-game tokens is high, they no longer need to sell them, making the ecosystem more stable.

SeekTiger lowers the barrier of entry into the metaverse. They can get access to in-game NFT without having to pay a large upfront fee, which solves the barrier of entry for the average player in the blockchain space.

More generally, SeekTiger’s goal is to help the metaverse stand out and make blockchain a reality for millions of real players, rather than a game which requires a large sum of money and is overly hyped by a few speculators.

The constantly increasing  involvement of players solves the problem of the most critical number of players in the metaverse.

SeekTiger seeks to balance the interests of the game’s project owners, the big money players and the average player. SeekTiger wants to create a profit-sharing model that not only helps the project grow, but also allows the average player to share in the game’s revenue. Finally, the three parties will jointly contribute to the construction of the meta-cosmic ecology.

In the near future, with the help of the DAO community, SeekTiger will become a portal into the metaverse for ordinary players. At that time, players will no longer be played by  traditional game companies, but builders of the metaverse, managers of DAOs and participants of the revenue of the metaverse. This is SeekTiger’s vision: through collaboration and autonomy among community members, ordinary players will have a right say in the metaverse, influence the evolution of the metaverse and share the revenue.

The core of revenue is the value of STI token. The future of STI can only be described as immesurably promising.






Leonard Gibbs
Leonard Gibbs
I have been in the Crypto industry for over 4 years now and have written many articles on this niche. I am considered one of the best authors in the space. My work has been featured on top news sites such as CoinDesk and Bitcoin Magazine. I have also been a guest on popular podcasts such as The Bitcoin Podcast and Epicenter. In addition to my writing, I am also an active investor in several blockchain projects and hold a seat on the advisory board of a few companies.

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